Healthy Waterways,
Healthy Planet

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and gulfs contain the most productive ecosystems on earth, with immense capacity to both sequester carbon and feed our population.

Illustration of sea-plants

Our waterways are a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.

Oceans and inland waterways drive weather, regulate our planet’s temperature, and ultimately support ALL living organisms. The Blue Eden Foundation works to both remediate and conserve healthy marine ecosystems as a way to fight climate change and sustain humanity.


01. Transparent Grant RFPs

The Blue Eden Foundation publishes every grant process on its website and runs a transparent Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Grantees are awarded based on merit as determined by an independent counsel of expert scientific advisors.

02. Quarterly Reporting and Annual Audits

Anyone who has ever donated to The Blue Eden Foundation (”Blue Eden”) can opt-in to receive quarterly reports, as well as the annual report. Furthermore, Blue Eden is audited by an independent accounting firm on an annual basis to verify and report the use of all funds.

03. Donors “Co-Invest” Alongside Epum Holdings

Epum Holdings is and will attempt to always be the largest donor to The Blue Eden Foundation. Therefore, donors can feel comfortable in donating alongside the founders of Blue Eden as an entity for change.

Our Team

The Blue Eden Foundation was founded by data-driven entrepreneurs. It is managed with the same philosophy of science-backed intellectual honesty, transparency, sustainable operations, and a keen focus on driving the maximum positive impact for each dollar spent.

Royden Cooper
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Spencer Stieff
Co-Chief Executive Officer

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